Who's Who at the Church:

  1. James Woffinden
    James Woffinden
    Pastor James Woffinden has been at FUMC since July, 2014. He is married to Lua Woffinden, and they have three sons and three daughters. Pastor James was born and raised in Richmond, California. He served four years in the Air Force. He then worked as a school teacher for many years before going to seminary. He has served the Lord for twenty years, last pastoring at Corcoran First UMC and Tipton UMC. He is a Local Pastor with the California Nevada Annual Conference.
  2. Melissa Sutherland
    Melissa Sutherland
    Administrative Assistant
    Office Hours: Mon - Thurs. 9:00 am - 2:00 pm email: [email protected] Phone: (559) 784-4232 FAX: (559) 784-4233
  3. Donita Roulsten
    Donita Roulsten
    Organist - Accompanist
  4. Anne White
    Anne White
    Lay Leader
  5. Paulette McFarlin
    Paulette McFarlin
    Music Coordinator
    "When you sing, you pray twice!"
  6. Jim Mankins
    Jim Mankins
    Lay Leader